Pere Rovira

Pere Rovira Castella PhD.

Research Scientist with expertise in soil nutrients and organic matter dynamics. Expertise in physical and chemical fractionation of soil organic matter, and biochemical characterization of the obtained fractions.  Involved in projects devoted to the quantification of soil C stocks at the whole-country level.

 Selected Papers:

Rovira P, Rovira R, 2010. Mathematical description of litter decomposition: Towards a generalised exponential approach. Geoderma, 155: 329-343.

Rovira P, Jorba M,  Romanyà J, 2010. Active and passive organic matter fractions in Mediterranean forest soils. Biology and Fertility of Soils,  46: 355-369.

Rovira P, Duguy B, Vallejo VR, 2009. Black carbon in wildfire-affected mediterranean shrubland soils. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 172: 43-52.

Rovira P, Kurz-Besson C, Hernàndez P, Coûteaux MM, Vallejo VR, 2008. The amino acid signature of decomposing litter. Plant and Soil, 307: 149-166.

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