Luis Lopez-Sangil

Luis Lopez Sangil.  PhD. Current address: Dprt. of Environment, Earth & Ecosystems, The Open University (UK) His research in the CTFC focused on the soil carbon stabilization in Mediterranean agroecosystems and the interactions of  organic matter with the microbial and the mineral components in soils. Currently working on the functional fractionation of the mineral-stabilized SOM. Selected papers: … Read more

Ana Isabel Ríos

Ana I. Ríos Barenys. Master’s Degree in Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management (Autonomous University of Barcelona). She is a plant ecologist interested in plant biodiversity conservation, mostly focusing on endangered or invasive plant species. Skills using georeferenced plant databases. Selected papers: Oliver X, Ríos AI, Casals P, 2010. Metodología en la priorización cualitativa de taxones amenazados … Read more

Aida Sala Carmona

Student of Environmental Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra. Research grant: september 2012 – february 2013. Aida Sala will collaborate in the finishing of the CRONOPROT project, in which the changes in soils due to land use changes, more specifically the conversion of agricultural to forest soils, as a result of land abandonment and replacement … Read more

Francesc Montané

Francesc Montané Caminal. PhD. Current address: Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology,  University of Oklahoma, USA His research focuses on global change-induced changes in structure and function of ecosystems, including C sequestration and spatial patterns. Selected papers: Montané F, Romanyà J, Rovira P, Casals P 2013. Mixtures with grass litter may hasten shrub litter decomposition after … Read more