Land use and climate changes effects on plant and soil C and N dynamics

Soil is the major terrestrial reservoir of C. In spite of its obvious importance, there is a lack of knowledge about how climate change and land-use change interactions affect carbon cycle. The aim of this research line is to contribute to assess the vulnerability of soil carbon stocks in silvopastoral systems, by means of understand … Read more

Shrubland management strategies to maximize multiple ecosystem functions and services

Understory shrubs play an important role in forest functioning as they may compete with overstory trees for soil resources and increase the risk of fire propagation. Moreover, shrub encroachment into grassland may decrease pastoral value and increase fire hazard to surrounding forests. However, shrubs may have value as a fodder resource or alternative biomass energy, … Read more

Jordi Garcia-Pausas

Jordi Garcia-Pausas. PhD. Research Scientist specialized in soil C and N stocks and dynamics in grasslands. Working on priming effects in different soil C and nutrient scenarios. Selected Papers: Garcia-Pausas J, Romanyà J, Montané F, Ríos A, Taull M., Rovira P, Casals P, 2017. Are soil carbon stocks in mountain grasslands compromised by land-use changes?. … Read more

Pere Rovira

Pere Rovira Castella PhD. Research Scientist with expertise in soil nutrients and organic matter dynamics. Expertise in physical and chemical fractionation of soil organic matter, and biochemical characterization of the obtained fractions.  Involved in projects devoted to the quantification of soil C stocks at the whole-country level.  Selected Papers: Rovira P, Rovira R, 2010. Mathematical … Read more

Francesc Montané

Francesc Montané Caminal. PhD. Current address: Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology,  University of Oklahoma, USA His research focuses on global change-induced changes in structure and function of ecosystems, including C sequestration and spatial patterns. Selected papers: Montané F, Romanyà J, Rovira P, Casals P 2013. Mixtures with grass litter may hasten shrub litter decomposition after … Read more

CronoCarb. Captura de carbono en suelos agricolas reforestados: estabilizacion del C capturado por proteccion fisica. Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. 2010-2013.

Title:Captura de carbono en suelos agricolas reforestados: estabilizacion del C capturado por proteccion fisica (CronoCarb). AGL2009-13400-C05-01 Funding Agency: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia Participating organizations: Duration, from: 2010          to: 2013 PI: Rovira P Subproject Researchers: Casals P. Carbon sequestration in soils and vegetation is an interesting way for decreasing the impact of Climate Change driven … Read more

GHG-Europe. Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems. European Comission. EU-RTD integrated project. VII FP. 2010-2013.

Title: Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems. GHG-Europe. FP7-ENV-2009-1. Funding Agency: European Comission. EU-RTD integrated project. VII FP Participating organizations: CTFC; CEAM between others Duration: 2010-2013. PI: Dr. Annette Freibauer, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (VTI), Germany Subproject Researchers: Casals P.; Rovira P; Romanyà J; Lopez-Sangil, L; Montané F; Martí-Roura, M. Web address: … Read more