Pere Casals

Dr. Pere Casals Tortras. Certification of scientific productivity and science and transfer activity for the program I3 (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación) Specialist in plant and soil relationships in agrosilvopastoral systems. With a background in plant and soil sciences, I have a PhD in the University of Barcelona addressing plant and soil N dynamics after prescribed … Read more

Jordi Garcia-Pausas

Jordi Garcia-Pausas. PhD. Research Scientist specialized in soil C and N stocks and dynamics in grasslands. Working on priming effects in different soil C and nutrient scenarios. Selected Papers: Garcia-Pausas J, Romanyà J, Montané F, Ríos A, Taull M., Rovira P, Casals P, 2017. Are soil carbon stocks in mountain grasslands compromised by land-use changes?. … Read more

Pere Rovira

Pere Rovira Castella PhD. Research Scientist with expertise in soil nutrients and organic matter dynamics. Expertise in physical and chemical fractionation of soil organic matter, and biochemical characterization of the obtained fractions.  Involved in projects devoted to the quantification of soil C stocks at the whole-country level.  Selected Papers: Rovira P, Rovira R, 2010. Mathematical … Read more

Marc Taüll

Marc Taüll Taüll. Master’s Degree in European Forestry (University of Lleida). Specialist on silvopastoralism. He is interested on the definition of opportunities and threats for the sustainability of agro-silvo-pastoral systems. Skills on forest and rangeland resources assessment and management, with expertise in Mediterranean and alpine regions and in El Salvador and Syria pastoral systems. Selected … Read more

Teresa Valor

Dra. Teresa Valor Ibars. PhD. Research Scientist working to contribute to the understanding of management-driven mechanisms determining forest composition, structure and dynamics. Her PhD focuses on the study of the short and medium term effects of prescribed burning on Mediterranean pines. Specifically, she aims to understand the mechanisms driven by fire that affects the primary and secondary metabolism … Read more