SCI articles

2019 De Cáceres M, Casals P, Gabriel E, Castro F. 2019.  Scaling-up individual-level allometric equations to predict stand- level fuel loading in Mediterranean shrublands. Annals of Forest Science Blanc S, Gasol CM, Martínez-Blanco J, Muñoz O, Coello J, Casals P, Mosso A, Brun F. 2019. Economic profitability of agroforestry in nitrate vulnerable zones in Catalonia … Read more

Book chapters

Garcia-Pausas J, Romanyà J, Montané F, Ríos A, Taull M., Rovira P, Casals P, 2017. Are soil carbon stocks in mountain grasslands compromised by land-use changes?. In Jordi Catalan, Josep Mª Ninot, Merce Aniz (Eds.) High Mountain Conservation in a Changing World. Advances in Global Change Research. Springer Open 9, pp. 207 -230. Bucheli P, … Read more

Other articles

 Taull M, Vives A, Casals P. 2011. Efecto del pastoreo de ovejas sobre el estrato herbáceo en franjas de protección para incendios forestales. Cuaderno de la Sociedad Española de las  Ciencias Forestales 33, 51 – 55                                             Taull M, Vives A, Casals P. 2011. Efecto del pastoreo de cabras sobre la estructura del sotobosque de … Read more

Symposium proceedings

Ríos A.I., Aguila V., Guixé D.,  Camprodon J., Caritat A., Casals P. 2014. Water stress (δ13C) in Taxus baccata L. depends on canopy cover and basal area of the neighboring trees. IV International Yew Workshop, October, 23-25, 2014. Poblet (Spain). Ríos A. I., García-Martí X., Guixé D., Casals P., Caritat A., Camprodon J. 2014. Producción … Read more